10 years since 9/11

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  1. On Monday, September 10, 2001 the S&P 500 closed at 1052.94. Yesterday it closed at 1185.90. This market is the global equity benchmark.

    In September 2001 the US 30 year bond traded between 102 and 107. In September 2011 the same instrument trades at 140. This is the long term sovereign debt of the only superpower in the world.

    In September 2001 the Dollar Index traded between 116 and 118. This month it trades between 75 and 77. The currency of the United States is the reserve currency of the world.

    In September 2001 a barrel of West Texas Intermediate sold for under $35. Today it sells for over twice that. We are the worlds biggest consumer of oil.

    In September 2001 a bushel of corn sold for around $230. Today it sells for three times that. We are the worlds top producer and exporter of corn.

    Yet the powers that be tell us there is no inflation, that our economic policies have not weakened the dollar, and that the stock market is a good investment for the public.

    Something is badly wrong with America.

    Here is a partial list of changes brought about in the "post 9/11 world" and justified as necessary to keep us safe from future terrorist attacks:

    - arbitrary detention without trial
    - "extraordinary rendition"
    - torture
    - extrajudicial execution
    - the TSA
    - the PATRIOT Act
    - mass surveillance
    - illegal wiretapping of US citizens without judicial oversight
    - National Security Letters
    - censorship
    - unfocused wars "on terror" at great cost to our servicemen, economy, and international reputation
    - poor diplomatic relations with allied nations who did not support our unilateral military actions

    What do traders, non traders, those with an interest in trading, and those with a stake in the future of America think to all of this?