10 year old & younger black children beat and rob mentally disabled woman in her home

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  1. Ricter


    How would Jesus evaluate your posting?
  2. Amos 5:10

    There are those who hate the one who upholds justice in court
    and detest the one who tells the truth.
  3. Ricter


    Help me out here, is Amos in the Old or New Testament?
  4. Mav88


    LOL, Ricter, LOL!
  5. Ricter


    What?? He claims to be such a Christian (which I would admire if it were true).

    (I think the question, "what would Jesus do?" is a very, very interesting one. Praxis, if memory serves.)
  6. Mav88


    ...who cares what jesus would do as he isn't here, I want to know what we are gonna do

  7. Christians are not Christ incarnate, despite the fact that YOU think that we think that.

    Do you think my posting was wrong in some way because I mentioned their skin color and that I am somehow racist because of that?

    Or was it that I described their age and you think me an ageist?

    Or because I mentioned the woman was mentally disabled does that make me an ableist?

    I have to say though...I'm lucky I didnt mention that they were boys, otherwise I might have been labeled a sexist!!

    I forgive you though because I know the liberal media has given you your moral code on what is right & wrong.
  8. Give the parents a beating and put the kids in jail. Most black adults are used to being in jail anyway so they would just look at it as a free bed and meals and the kids are surely being beat at home so it wouldn't bother them much being beat some more so my as well get them started on where they will live most of the time when they grow up.
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