10 Videos of Libyan Rebel War Crimes

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bearice, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Complete shit.. Who do you think believe you saying that Kaddafi is sane and fair person. He is obviously insane and criminal dictator. He hired criminals from other countries to kill his people. He bombarded lybian cities with unlawful weapons. No credibility for such monster any more. Kaddaffi 's family are criminals and everyone in the whole world knows this.

    Any sane and normal regime when its legitimacy would be challenged will go for an early presidential election. This will never happen in Libia, simply because, they know everyone there hates them..

    Enjoy your lies which nobody believe.
  2. I think world leaders said not many people have died in Libya but the videos say completely different story.
  3. revolution starts there as a peaceful movement but kaddaffi and his supporters who provide him with money, weapons and people attacked/killed libians so they had to defend their selves.

    Kaddiffi is a liar and we know there are many countries are actually saying and doing fake.. and the first ones will suffer are their people.