'10 things you need to know to follow the MFF negotiations'

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  1. referred to as the EU 'budget', the MFF is the EU Mutiannual Financial Framework
    the vote on the details of the MFF will be in June

    the vote on a resolution to either give the consent or not, of the EU Parliament to the
    MFF recently agreed to in EU Council will take place on Wednesday March 13
  2. 'National egos tame Parliament’s ire over EU budget' Published 12 March 2013

    "The five leading political groups in the European Parliament, representing the vast
    majority of MEPs, adopted on 7 March a strong-worded joint ‘Motion for Resolution’,
    which rejects the proposal for a long-term budget,
    as agreed by EU leaders (see background), and lists various “essential conditions”
    for the eventual support of MEPs."
  3. 'Long-term EU budget negotiations: EP sets out its stance'
    Plenary Session Budget − 13-03-2013 - 16:20
    "Parliament rejects the 8 February European Council conclusions in their current
    form. MEPs want more flexibility and efficiency within the budget.
    The resolution - prepared by the group leaders of the EPP, S&D, ALDE, Greens
    and GUE/NGL - was adopted by 506 votes to 161, with 23 abstentions."