10 Things the Government Could Do to Cut Unemployment in Half

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  2. Arnie


    Just what we need. Some temporary tax breaks and credits so businesses can do some long term planning.
    Good grief. :D
  3. The author could have saved himself some time by simply stating:

    Exactly the opposite of what the current administration is doing and stop hiring academic idiots from harvard.
  4. jem


    lower taxes

    flat tax

    you can't push on this string.

    You have to get taxes off peoples back.

    we face crushing taxes as it is .
  5. Eight


    Constitutional amendment limiting Federal Gov to 5% of the GNP and no borrowing + total taxes to 10% of GNP...
  6. How do you explain the job growth under Clinton with higher taxes compared to Bush.

  7. Stop subsidizing unemployment.
  8. Lucrum


    Post USSR "Peace Dividend" and dot com bubble?
  9. 377OHMS


    I read that most people find work within one week of the end of their unemployment benefits.

    If true it is an interesting bit of information regarding the effect of prolonged unemployment benefits. It might suggest that more benefits just staves off realistic decisions about employment.

    What I see is the Obama regime using every available mechanism to transfer wealth from the middle-class to the miscreant-class. Food stamps, subsidized housing, cash (unemployment benefits). That attracts every immigrant in the western hemisphere and then you make them all citizens (and democrats by default). Now you've altered the balance of power and don't have to put up with those pesky elections and republican candidates and can get on with "transformation".

    The democrats decided they didn't want to play in a fair game anymore.
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