10 things I wish I'd never believed

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  1. Starting a list of any kind with a misquote is bad form.
  2. Lethn


    rofl! This article is awesome :p

    I've so been there.
  3. And following it with mixed wisdom and crap is not much of an improvement.

    When you see the rubbish that some believe it makes you wonder about your own beliefs.
  4. Just thought some might find it interesting guys.
    I didn't actually study it though.
  5. Which can be a good start to changing your life for the better.
  6. bigarrow, not a good idea on this factory.

    ian, still a few days too early for me. which of your ideas are bs?
  7. LOL....not that my ideas are BS, altho some would argue that point vehemently, but everyone could stand to weed out the beliefs that don't serve them.
    I've got my share.
    I think my "signature" line is "We create our own reality".
    That one serves me best.
    In reality, it's actually easier to adopt new beliefs than destroy or change the old ones. The more energy and positive emotion we give our new beliefs that serve us well, the faster the older, more conflicted beliefs fade away.
    We become what we focus on. Or, to put it in the language of King James .... As a man thinketh, so he is.

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