10% spike

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  1. US market will have a 10% squeeze day this week.
    When you have all the world looks for a pull back, that will never happen.
    Enjoy the ride, watching the suckers cry...
  2. Either post some sort of analysis as to the why (other than a one-liner about the world) or this goes to chit chat.
  3. Honestly, I just don't know why. Just the chit chat feeling. You cannot squeeze a quantitative analysis out of a discretionary trader. You will know what I mean just Friday. Then you could trash the post to chit whatever chat.

  4. Stop pulling BS out of your ass permabull
  5. Hoho, could understand your life is tough in India:p

  6. S2007S


    These bulls are just way too funny.
  7. Illum


    10% in one day.......... yea
  8. spindr0


    10 pct? You greedy little buggers.

    One pct in either direction will make me wet :)
  9. I am shocked so many 2009 newborns here.
    Check your papa's 2008 trading logs, is 10% really that fancy?

    Today XLF spiked 6.59% on shiit, XLY spiked 4.93% on craap.
    If these loser firms can spike 10% 20% everyday, why cannot AAPL RIMM and GOOG and lots of profitable companies do?
    A spike of 10% only bring this year's return to 10%. We just 10% better than it was at the end of last year, mission impossible, huh...
  10. plyka


    The distribution days in the market have grown in number over the last few weeks. This is a sign of subtle unloading by the big boys.

    Although I do get a sense that there are a lot of people who believe a pullback is coming, there are also a lot of people such as yourself who now believe that the run will last forever.

    The tape tells me that the rally is running out of steam. Most of the gains for this intermediate term rally are behind it. The next big money will be made on an intermediate term downleg.
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