10 Rules For Tomorrow's Goldman Hearings Drinking Game

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  1. Tomorrow the Goldman Senate hearing commences.

    Thanks to commenter Resurrect Barry Goldwater's idea to turn this into a drinking game, we decided to make things interesting.

    We're open to amending the list so if you have any good ideas, post them in the comments section.


    -- Anyone says something like, we don't bet against clients --> 1/2 shot

    -- Anyone says, we didn't take a one-directional "bet" --> 1/2 shot

    -- Anyone says "bet" like it belongs in quotation marks --> 1/2 shot

    -- For every derivatives acronym --> 1/2 shot

    -- Anyone cries --> 2 shots

    -- Anyone mentions "vampire squid" --> 2 shots

    -- Witty (or not) puns on the word "ABACUS" and calculating --> 3 shots

    -- Tourre speaks in French --> 3 shots

    -- Fabrice refers to himself in the third person --> 3 shots

    -- Blankfein says he's doing "God's work" --> Drink everything you've got
  2. Lol!

    I can't watch during work, can you post results and I will do my shots tomorrow when I get home? :D
  3. -- Acted in the best interests of our clients --> 1 shot

    -- sophisticated investor--> 1 shot

    "Congressman, seriously, are you even able to balance a checkbook or is it true you have had more than 10 NSF checks since you been elected to office? How the hell can you possibly understand what a CDO is and how they are put together?" --> not sure how many shots but that would be priceless....
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    Best thread on ET

    should be fun :D
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    You do realize all of ET is gonna have Cirrhosis after this right? :D
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    LOL Im in. Bring on the puns!
  7. Anyone says, "we lost money"----- Do not drink, you will not be given a replacement liver.
  8. If Blankfein thanks the taxpayers for the bank bailout.....

    He's screwing with you to get you drunk, so five shots.
  9. "We didn't have a massive short against the housing market and we certainly did not bet against our clients,"

    Do one shot. Two shots if you believe him.
  10. "In Hindsight" -- > 1/2 shot

    "Upon reviewing the documents" - > 1/2 shot

    "Is it your testimony?" -> 1/2 shot

    "We could not have predicted" - 1/4 shot

    "Yes I flew by private jet" -> 1 shot

    "Do you feel that you owe the American people....." - >1 shot

    "How much was the bonus of ____ in 2007?" - > 1 shot

    "How much was the bonus of ____ in 2008?" - > 1 shot

    "How much was the bonus of ____ in 2009?" - > 1 shot
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