10 reasons why Wall Street has absolute power over America's democracy

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  2. Thanks for the post, friend. Goldman wields undue influence on our congress & president, of course.

    One PET PEEVE of mine is referring to America's constitutional republic as a "democracy."

    Democracy is not mentioned ONCE in either the US Constitution or Declaration of Independence.



    I think the "liberal" media has been using the word democracy to help those who wish to bend the laws to their own design. Obviously in a democracy, if the crowd (mob) wants something, sure let's have it!

    I'm not a nit picker, but this one's important. Especially today when our constitutional values are under assault by the FEDS.
  3. Well, the schools and media have created the false notion that Nazi's were "far right wingers". This could not be further from the truth. NAZI's were to the right of Communists in the 1920's and 30's, but far left of what is considered the American "center". Of course our center has moved significantly left under all administrations.

    Collective disinformation and the dumbing down of society...SNAFU

    Hell, look at how many nitwits call democrats the "democratIC" party. It' democrat party knuckleheads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. There is no honest, factual debate as to whether Wall Street controls the legislative process (and most key legislators) in the U.S., in addition to the Executive Branch of government.

    Anyone who doubts this lives in absolute denial of reality.

    It doesn't matter which party in our fantastic and diverse (sarcasm) two-party system is in power at any given time; they're both bought and paid for.
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    As someone who works for the man, I *wish* wall street has control of washington... sure would make my life easier

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    People need to learn what their constitutional rights are and insist on them. No need to get upset with anybody, just be prepared to insist on your rights... I know a couple of guys, I'm not sure they want a lot of attention at this point, they were bounty hunters, still are actually, and they are experts in constitutional rights... they are also experts at digging up dirt on judges and getting people out of courtroom drama scenarios but that's another story.. these two guys have taken it upon themselves to be super patriots and go after simply everything that is not constitutional in a few cities in Southern California and dudes... it will not make the news.. but they have gotten a small army of judges and prosecutors removed from office and quite a few taxes and fees removed from the laws.... they do menace people a bit but not to the point of getting arrested, they are intrusive, they get into meetings where they are not wanted but cannot be legally barred.. they get the work done.. It's a privilege to associate with these kind of guys...
  7. You probably work hard and have integrity, but unfortunately, it's your criminal overlord bosses I'm speaking of, who probably view you as dispensable grist for their mill.

    They're the ones bribing and paying off government officials, in both subtle and not so subtle ways.