10 Reasons why I am giving away trading secrets

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    So, why am I basically giving away all my trading secrets? There are several reasons:

    1. I'm tired of professional traders preying on amateurs

    I'm switching sides and showing you amateurs how to fight back! In time, the professionals will surely change their tactics, but I'll also be blogging regularly so I'll be right there to tell you about it when they do.

    2. I'm tired of everyone ripping on Penny Stocks

    I'm going to prove to everyone how great Penny Stocks really are. Sure, it's a little bit like gambling, but Penny Stocks offer much better odds than casinos and, contrary to popular belief, luck has very little to do with it.

    3. I'm tired of people not understanding short selling

    I made my first million in the stock market by buying Penny Stocks as they broke out to new highs, but my second million was all from short selling. For those of you who don't know what short selling is, it's when you bet that stock prices will fall. That's right, you can profit from companies failing and fail many of them do every day. Once you learn how to short sell with ease, you won't be forced to be bullish all the time. Imagine being able to profit in all market conditions. Stocks go up and they go down, people need to understand they can profit either way. Let me open your eyes to all the possibilities.

    4. I'm tired of people saying my wealth is due to the stock market bubble and luck

    I'm going to show you that the Penny Stock patterns that created my fortune still prosper, taunting me because I haven't made more from them. These patterns are waiting to be taken advantage of by people who are better traders than me.

    5. I'm tired of trying to learn trading discipline

    For nearly a decade, I've been trying to become a better trader, but now I'm done. I'm simply too excitable and undisciplined--two of the worst qualities for a trader to have.

    6. I'm tired of all these 'expert' stock pickers who are full of BullShip!

    Picking random stocks based on random variables over random time periods is the surest way not to get rich. People need to understand this because they have been brainwashed by the media and 'experts' who are full of BullShip! Instead of disclosing how many shares an 'expert' or their family owns of something they recommend, how about making them disclose their personal track record. I'm not talking salary and fees, I mean dollars and cents earned through their own personal trading and investing. There's no way to be sure, but I'm guessing the vast majority have pathetic track records.

    7. I'm tired of society looking down on financial speculators

    There are so many investment strategies out there that people should be able to learn and employ whatever works best for them. Currently, value investing is very popular, mainly because it has so many vocal proponents. Due to absurd industry regulations, few speculative investment strategies have ever been detailed for public consumption. I don't claim my investment strategy will be right for everyone, as many people who can't afford to risk any money shouldn't dream of touching Penny Stocks, but it's time for people to be given the chance to learn about these alternative investment strategies and take on some additional risk if they want to. This is still freedom of speech in America, right? Now, there is freedom of finance!

    8. I'm tired of the lack of my strategy's lack of scalability

    Sure, I've made hundreds of thousands of dollars per year several times which have added up to millions within a few years, but Penny Stocks have limitations. No matter how good a trader you are, you cannot make more than a few million dollars per year in this market. That still leaves plenty of room for opportunity, but understand that this market's unique qualities mean there is ceiling to how much you can make. This is why 99% of hedge funds and all other large financial institutions ignore this market. That's great! Those people are extremely smart and they manage billions of dollars; thankfully their absence creates opportunity for people like you and me.

    9. I'm tired of not being able to talk about what I've devoted my life to

    Since I am now officially out of the investment business, I'm free to talk, teach, and debate the stock market and my theories with one and all. Who knows if I'm 100% right about everything, all my trading theories are based on trial and error, but since I've never been able to talk freely about what I do, my learning has been stunted. No more1 Now we are free to learn together and once you see where I'm coming from and what I've seen, oh what a conversation we will have!

    10. I can't wait until somebody uses my strategies and makes millions
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    well I am tired of being tired...so lets get this show on the road...thanks for the post and hopefully great learning
  3. Thanx for promoting the intro to my DVD--just footnote me next time!
  4. enough talk...where are the secrets?
  5. #1 - buy low, sell high
    #2 - short high, cover low
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    I thought about the situation and I think I can make a payback to ET for the opportunity I have had here.

    Times do change as is stated.

    I want to thank nokhoi for inviting me here It was a good idea in those days.

    Spyder has been paying it forward here for years now. There is no way to express my appreciation for his accomplishing all the things he has for the benefit of others and for so long.

    I believe my presence here is outweighed by the trouble it causes Baron Robertson and his business pursuits.

    My thanks to all the people who engaged with me on their pursuits and my pool extraction interests as depicted by the PVT, Sector Rotation and SCT.

    I'm shutting down my membership in ET now.
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  8. Tim, do you have any ORIGINAL material or do you just love the cut and paste function??? All your posts are either like the one you started here or the Jack Hershey fairwell from ET post, you must have posted that 5 times already. Get a life man.
  9. LOL LOL LOL :D :D
  10. Timvodas:

    I too was once full of bullship. Now I am becoming enlightened thanks to your message. For all these years I have been oppressed along with with my brethren. Duped by the media, brainwashed by the Street, unable to piss myself on my terms. I am truly in your debt.

    I would, however, like to ask a favor. Any thoughts to some self promotion and maybe a DVD or book? That would be swell. Like I said, I'm a poor dumb slob out here being kept in the dark as to the many financial opportunities that may exist. "Short" stocks? Wow!

    And another thing. If you would be so kind to do some research for me on basically anything and everything. I'm a bit dim-witted with research or general intelligence for that matter.

    Again, thanks for taking care of the little guy and be patient if I get a little skeptical at times.

    I know you are a "professional" and will likely spin the question until I forget it anyway. If I ask for humility, the truth, facts, or any details...just brush me off with an elitist attitude. I'll understand and really, really like you as a person and a friend.

    I wish you were on a low audience TV show. I envy anyone on the TV.

    Your friend, Forest.
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