10 Randomly chosen stocks from s$p 500 from 3/9/09-12/14/09

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    I chose 10 random stocks from the s$p 500 to see how each return looked, out of 10 only 1 was down and down only 2.70% the rest of them had incredible returns....

    What I am trying to get at is that after seeing these type of returns from the march lows in early 2009, I just cannot see how anyone can honestly believe these stocks and the rest of the high fliers can return the same or higher returns over the next 6-12 months going forward.

    AEP 24.28 to 35.41 Increase 45.84%

    CAM 18.94 to 38.54 Increase 103.48%

    CVH 8.39 to 23.56 Increase 180.81%

    GME 22.90 to 22.28 DECREASE -2.70%

    KIM 7.43 to 12.52 Increase 68.50%

    MHS 37.27 to 64.94 Increase 74.24%

    NBL 42.79 to 69.48 Increase 62.37%

    PAYX 20.43 to 32.00 Increase 56.63%

    RDC 11.83 to 23.80 Increase 101.18%

    SBUX 8.27 to 22.84 Increase 176.17%
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    Free money.

  3. We need a catalyst, not sure what that would be at this point (might know it when I see it) or maybe focus on a sector but I think concentration will result in fake outs.
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    You mean everyone I know that started "trading" around that time and is up huge DOESN'T actually know what they're doing?