10 pips (at least) per day

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  1. I've really kinda realised something...I'm probably not going to make much $$ trying to scalp Forex...I am better at looking at the daily charts...entering a position and setting a manual exit and going on with normal life...I am way to 'aggressive' to wanna jump in a 'trade manually'...I NEED to be removed from manual trading and let the reason or system for why I entered the trade take over...hence, trading with a longer time frame in mind, going on with normal life and NOT scalping...any thoughts?
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  2. I take it you are prepared to absorb the wider pip swings against you(50 - 125 avg) when trading the daily ?
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  3. I think your meds need to be adjusted.:eek:
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  4. Sounds like a good idea, watching pips on a chart can be tormenting, this will be a lot more relaxed and less stressful.

    Like southbeach4me said, you'll just need to adjust trade size to allow for wider stops.

    I don't know what strategy you use but you're obviously going to have fewer ideal trade set-ups so I guess you'll need to be patient, and you'll also have to wait for the trade to play out, the whole trade start to finish could take a while.

    Ask Ivan, he's more of a positional trader so he may have some helpful tips.
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  5. just sold GBP/USD @ 1.6471
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  6. set a target of 50 pips buy to exit
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  7. Did you set a stop loss?
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  8. mounafia


    I would have take the opposite trade...I see more the GBP/usd going up but I only trade the Eur/usd and never at this time of the day.

    So I may be mistaken...

    good luck.
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  9. Someone will be happy when they wake up :D
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  10. A little unhappy if he's taken 50 pips,
    good trade nontheless
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