10 pips (at least) per day

Discussion in 'Forex' started by increasenow, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. markm


    Yeah thats the one, the successful trade/mentor/marketing guru! (unsurprisingly only he refers to himself as this)
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  2. 1-it is 'non java'
    2-it has a desktop icon
    3-it pulls up within 1 minute or less

    all things that ye ole 'java' charts do not...
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  3. no, man, I'm very very serious:p
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  4. this is awesome...just netted the largest pip trade of my life...exit my GBP/USD short @ 1.6415...got 50 pips...wow...I need to really 'do again and again' what I did right on this trade and reproduce 'over and over'...

    just as a side note...this also was my first ever 'non manual' forex trade...meaning I entered and set my exit and 'went on to do normal life' stuff...just checked my account and YES...50 pip profit...this is awesome...beginnning to realise...you 'aint gonna' make any real cash $$ trying to scalp forex...anyone else ever realise this?
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  5. Good luck!

    10 pips/day is a very modest goal.

    Don't mind the typical ET naysayers - without them, this wouldn't be the internet.
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  6. increasenow, yes it is true that some trades works while you are afc. It's all a matter of style. While I was working I used to look for swing trades (stocks) at breaks only (with limit and stops) and managed to make some profitable trades.
    BTW, I am shooting for a 1000 pips short on AUD/USD, based on the monthly chart. No stop.
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  7. WTF
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  8. See, I just knew there was someone out there crazier than you!


    Now if he'd said 1000 pips long on Aud/Jpy I'd have to agree, but 1000 pips short Aud/Usd :eek:
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  9. Ok.
    NOW I'm worried.
    I'm also (currently) 50 pips in the red on that short:confused:
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  10. And I forgot to mention, on negative carry. (but tiny position, so no big deal, I can ride)
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