10 pips (at least) per day

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  1. I got my new eSignal Forex charting package...it is great!

    Gonna go afresh after my goal of at least 10 pips per day. Looking at trading:


    Starting with 1 standard lot per trade...no trades as of right now June 29, 2009
  2. Good luck!

    Is this gonna be a journal type thing, listing your trades?

    I used to have a goal of making 1% of my total account per day. If using 250 trading days per year, I should be a billionaire in 5 years :p
  3. Are you implying you can't sustain/average a certain percentage per day?
  4. I feel really sorry for you, you just don't and will never "get it"

    Although I'm fairly certain that your alias is just for laughs anyways.

    Looking fwd to a "no man, I'm very very serious!" reply :p


  5. No, sorry if I made it sound that way.

    My actual current goal is to make 0.50% per day. I started this new goal on 05/10/2009, and as of now, I am "ahead of schedule"

    I made my original goal of 1% on 01/01/2009, but realized that it wasn't realistic FOR ME. When I would get behind on my projections, I would make risky trades to try and make up for what I lost and to try and get back to my projected balance.

    I just started trading FX at the end of 2008, but maybe once I get more experience, 1% will be a piece of cake.
  6. How does your charting package help you? What is in the package that other packages don't have?
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    I dont think its wise to set daily/weekly or monthly targets. YOu end up taking less than optimal trades to chase your target. If you just take the best trades the market gives then look back over the year at your results. Try to improve each year by adding new styles.
  8. Agree [​IMG]
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    Cheers, I had to re-register for here I was banned after my argument with Brandon. What the hell?
  10. Brandon? Not brandonf the self-promoting nut job, surely! He's just entertainment and sport for when the market's quiet and there's nothing else to do, lol :)
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