10% of traders take money from complainers.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by areyoukidding?, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. Should be interesting as oil pops and drops out today.
  2. Damn you post alot dude.
  3. Will it break the overnight high?
  4. Check out my Black Monday posts on Chit-Chat if you really want something to chew on.
  5. Lot of green on my screen for a black monday....
  6. Couldnt agree more, dont fight the tape, im long 7 stocks.
  7. no kidding. I don't even know what this thread starter is supposed to mean? anyone?

  8. it is a response or a counter balance to all the negativity on this site, ie all the complainers.

    For ex. "Can discretionary traders every succeed" - I dont know ask SAC and their traders.

    complaining about xyz firm, cramer, bad quotes, whatever else you name it.
  9. As expected, no responses.

    Does anyone else find things negative in and around these boards?
  10. This was an awesome call, come on give me some credit.
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