10% of my capital out because of a wrong pressed key!!"$%&%$··

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  1. I´m so pissed off right now.
    Was trying to take SUN long when it was taking 39.5 this morning,it didn´t looked as a good trade, so I sent a sell order to get out with a loss of only 2 cents, and forgot about it.
    1 hour later.... I realize that I had a long position with the double of my initial size.. wrong hotkey pressed..... SUN was already 1 point down, and I was really RED. Tried to average size to a loss of 5 cents, and hope for a small rebound to minimize loss but, markets were all the way down, lost 2 cents more and got out, with my hope lost and 10% of my account down.
    3rd day trading on sterling....

    Tryed to recover from that, shorted DB, but then I realize that the numbers are red instead of green. WTF, same shit AGAIN, I´m cursed!! Got out with a very small lose (thnx to the DB specialist who filled my orders 4 cents above market price), and mad as hell watched the stock go down 20 cents... I would recover 50% of my loss if I´d pressed the right keys.....


    Damn, I´m really frustrated ................................:(
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    Don't trade when you have other things on your mind that needs resolving.

  3. Yeah, that´s true too.

    But I think, that the main reason was that my hotkeys where too close one from other.

    F1 Sell MKT
    F2 Buy MKT
    F3 Short LMT
    F4 Buy LMT

    Now I changed it to

    F1 Short MKT
    F2 Short LMT
    F4 Buy LMT
    F9 Sell MKT
    F10 Cover Short
    F11 Cover Long
    F12 Buy MKT
  4. holly molly,
    hahahha, sorry i couldnt stop laughing, this is very funny.
    sorry for your lost money, but shit happens..... LOL

    trading is not a game.

    you have to treat it serious, it is a business, it is your business, or do you just gamble in the markets. then you better play in the casino......................

    Think first, before you do something.
    Dont use hotkeys.

    If you have then still problems, dont trade online, call your broker for your deals, maybe than you are in the focus of what you are doing.

    good luck
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    is it like 1965 or something?

    :confused: :confused: :confused:
  6. Wow! Hope it doesn't happen again! That is unfortunate!
  7. I did that one day back when I was scalping ES.

    I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn that day and was about to go on full tilt, so I just said "Fuckit!" and I hit the sell hotkey and turned off the computer.

    I thought about it all night and woke up with full determination to stay cool and calm.

    When I turned my computer on in the morning, there it was, a huge profit from a double short position.

    I thought about it for a few minutes and just closed it out and quit for the day, figuring it was a pretty good day.
  8. So you'll only make 1 million dollars this year instead of 2.
    File under everything that can go wrong will go wrong at some point.
    You only get to be a real trader after you make every mistake going,some several times. Only 10% ? Compared to Lehman you're doing really well
    Always look on the bright side of life.. tada, tada, tada tada tada
  9. you pressed the button and then went to take sunbath,eh?now your frustrated,eh?

    for 1 grand per hour i could beat that shit habit out of you!

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    I did that once. I was long some fade, one of these double or triple leverage bear ETFs. Hardly had traded them so far. And I'm thinking to myself #@*&, there's my exit. So I hit the buy button, LOL. I had a big sign in my head that said I was short. But I wasn't really.

    I turned away to make notes, then looked up to my monitors a few minutes later and noticed I was still making money even though I theoretically had no positions! WTF? Turned out I doubled down on a loser! Yikes. But it moved in my favor a bit.

    A very valuable lesson and very cheaply learned. Most of my other lessons have cost me dearly ;).
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