10% of FDIC Reserves Lost in IndyMac Collapse

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  1. A single bank failure depleted 10% of FDIC reserves. And bank failures are just getting started.
  2. Indymac was a huge bank though. Others that might fail will be much smaller.
  3. Fed will announce they will opened up the discount window to the FDIC. Who knew the window was that big!
  4. hey loner- go do something
  5. Not sure why alot of the morons bust the feds nutts here and in the Media.

    Do you people not understand this is not KMART they are trying to save?

    These major financial institutions are interconnected to each other. If a major one fails.. chances are it will drag many others among it and ultimately that would melt down the US financial system and economy for the next 5 - 6 years at the least.

    What part of that do you people not understand?
  6. Stop whining.

    There is a reason why Bernanke is the head of federal reserve and you whiners are trading your at the most 100,000 accounts.. his managing the worlds largest economy.

    He knows more than you do not think otherwise.

    If you were more educated and had more brains than he does.. you would be sitting at the capital hill today .. not him!

  7. Chapter 11

    Business operations continues as usual book and customers and suppliers all get paid, just ownership of shares is transferred.

    large institutions and funds own these failing financial banks so they are asking for a 'FED bailout'.

    what don't you understand.

  8. You have to realize that many of the folks here hate themselves and their country. It comes from liberalism.

    They think it's a big joke.