10% of all births from illegal mothers????????

Discussion in 'Politics' started by misterno, Mar 29, 2010.

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  2. I'm surprised it's that low.
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  4. Future democratic voters:)

  5. People are assets. The USA had a failing demographic profile without the influx of Latinos.

    Latinos average 5 children.
    Without them the US culture is in decline.

    Don't misunderstand me ... I am upset at the stupidity of our government and amnesty and betrayal of the American way.

    It just is a numbers and asset base issue.
  6. As wild as it seems, 1 out of 4 living people born in Mexico now reside in the U.S.

    Undoubtedly we needed their labor and undoubtedly they work jobs deemed "not good enough" for entitlement minded whites and blacks.
    And white, yuppie America consumes labor with gusto. Lawn men, valets, busboys, a CVS on every corner...

    The problem though is obvious. Much of the performed services by the immigrant class are discretionary. What happens when the white insurance broker cuts back on meals in restaurants or drags his son outside to mow their own lawn? Bada bing, immigrants will then segue from hard workers stoking America's economic engine to being little more than wards of the Obama State. And as they gain voting rights are they going to support fiscally prudent measures that allow America to compete with Asia or will they vote for Free Ice Cream? I think we already know the answer.
  7. I challenge your assumption that bringing in large numbers of poor, uneducated people is a net benefit.
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    If you are not running a democratic ponzi give away - I too challenge the assumption.

    When labor came over from Europe 100 or more years ago, we did not have the myraid government give aways we have now.

    the social safety was more of shark filled pool.
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