10% more and NQ will be higher than 2007

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  1. Amazing the head start NQ has over all other indexes, namely S&P and DJI.

    IT only needs a 10% rise to surpass the 2007 high !


    a perspective from http://www.etfdigest.com/davedaily

  2. NDX high 4714.
    Why anyone would think NDX at 2045, holding for 10 years is a bubble is beyond me...bubbles mean inflated assets, not just that it rallied.

    If the markets dropped 90% tomorrow due to a fake nuclear attack scare, and then rallied all the way back the next few months, is it a bubble?
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    markets need growth to go higher. fundamental growth or could be like japan 20 years market is flat... no reason to go higher...or GM stock or msft stock...there limited growth to large cap or 'mature' companies. law of large numbers .....the bigger the company the harder it grows...stick with value or dividend stocks. stocks that have no or low growth must pay dividend or no reason to own it. apple,rimm,gogle was a growth stock in 2003..but google ,apple,rimm is not a growth stock anymore. the market caps and size of these companies makes harder to grow..they've saturated their market. limited market growth going forward.

  4. I am not long NDX...just don't think it is a bubble.
  5. "Non-confirmation" can sometimes have enormous significance. :confused: :D
  6. Top 10 Holdings

    Company Name % of Total Portfolio Dollar Value (in thousands)

    Apple Inc 15.38% $3,217,096.12
    Microsoft Corp 5.24% $1,096,071.76
    Google Inc 4.66% $974,750.84
    Qualcomm Inc 4.42% $924,549.08
    Oracle Corp 3.08% $644,255.92
    Cisco Systems Inc 2.99% $625,430.26

    ...:cool: ...
  7. Just like 1999, a "small" number of "large" issues dominate the index! :eek: :D :confused:
  8. The fine print is always good for some surprises. Goldman customer's are accustomed to mega surprises....:cool: :D
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    It seems quite undervalued at this level. Most of the companies in the index are projected to earn more in 2010 and 1011 than they did in 2007, many of them double and triple their 2007 earnings.
  10. The volume on the way up during the last few months is pretty sad.
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