10$ Mini$Dax - FDDX at IB?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Hittfeld, Sep 4, 2008.

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    ...or at OEC or OXPS for that matter. I have papertraded the DAX with great results for months, but the contract size/margin requirements on that are kind of big for my tastes @ the moment.

    Thx for bringing this to our attention!
  3. DAX mini is virtually the same $$ value and volatility as the ES... big question.. will there be volume????
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    volume for mini Dax has not been bad for a new contract. The contract is trading 3-4 tics wide.
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    Actually the volume has been terrible. I'm a bit dissapointed. Hopefully that will change.
  6. Doesn't anybody pay attention around here?

    USFE is majority owned by MF Global. If you have an MF account, you've got access. Other than MF, the exchange and all of it's products has extremely limited distribution. Gee, why would that be??

    Here's the thin list of Brokers with access to USFE and it's offerings...

    FDDX has the potential to expand the list imo.

  7. Brokers need to pick up access to the USFE.

    If you want it, call your Broker and request they pick it up.

    The DAX offers more volatility than the ES.
  8. This contract is rather illiquid (< 10 contracts on the best bid/offer) and 3-4 points spread constantly. USFE just isn't able to find good/enough marketmakers - just like in their FX contracts. A mini-DAX is a good idea in my opinion and could attract some audience, but under these conditions its not really worth trading in my opinion. They shouldn't have gone live without enough marketmaker agreements, this just further undermines their reputation as failed eurex-us left overs.

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    Anyone have an update on the mini-DAX?
  10. "Please note, the U.S. Futures Exchange, L.L.C. (“USFE”) has terminated all exchange operations effective December 31, 2008."

    Finally puts an end to this travesty of an exchange.
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