10 Economic Charts That Will Blow Your Mind

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  1. Chart No.3 actually shows that all the other charts are going to look even more fucked up 10 years down the road
  2. Things are not hard to understand.

    Soviet Union spent itself into death.

    Money for Dark Empire came first till there was no more.

    United States is maintaining empire of 2 wars, 1 giant cold war, 500 and more military bases around the world.
    Mooony is running out boss.

    Moony is running out
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    the thing about all this spending is that the decision makers uses other people's money, and spend on stuffs that benefits the themselves

    sort of like managed funds, one fund manager i knew a Phd actually makes a shocking statement that its ok when she has losses in her fund since its not her money
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    It looks like my equity curve :p

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    chart #3 is incorrect, there will be no debt because we won't be here.
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