10% Dell coupon code

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by C99, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. C99


    For your exclusive 10% savings, just enter coupon code
    TZ$$QT2QFPXWTT at checkout.* Online only.

    Expires 8/31/07.

    I think it's only good for one use. If you use it, maybe post back here so others don't waste time.
  2. It worked on a 24" monitor, only in the Small Business section. BUT BUT BUT by using it, it deleted the $100 discount already on the monitor. So buy using this coupon for that monitor, the cost went up to $602.10 rather than the regular price of $569.
  3. C99


    Sucks for you :)

    I hope you started over with the order. Oh well, was worth a try.