10 CAMELS for the head of Obama.

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  1. June 9, 2012 -- Updated 1445 GMT (2245 HKT)

    (CNN) -- The United States offers millions for information leading to the capture of the world's most wanted terrorists.

    A Somali militant group has purportedly countered with an offer of camels for U.S. officials.

    Al-Shabaab has placed a bounty of 10 camels for President Barack Obama and two camels for information on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    The man on the audio claimed to be Fuad Mohamed Khalaf, considered by the State Department to be Al-Shabaab's leading fundraiser. The United States has offered $5 million for information of his whereabouts.

    "Whoever brings the mujahidin information about the whereabouts of infidel Obama and the lady of Bill Clinton, the woman named Hillary Clinton, I will give a reward," the man said.

    A study by Galkayo University, which looked at the effects of drought on livestock, said the average cost of a camel in Somalia is $700.


    But that is too much.

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    That IS funny.

    Although Al-Shabaab might have better luck if he offered a couple Colombian prostitutes.