10 biggest douchebags in TV news

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  1. No 9. Rick Santelli

    The worst public relations job in the world right now has to be the guys and gals who represent New York stock trading firms. They must just sit in their offices all day long and dream about the easy, carefree workdays they led when they worked for the tobacco companies back in the 1980s. Rick Santelli doesn't seem to mind being their spokesperson when he's reporting live on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade and screaming about the losers getting money from the government with the kind of crazy indignation that you usually only see in Raiders fans or transients who argue with their shoes in public.

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    dude... He's awesome.... wow. Well thinking back he may be a bit cocky but hey, the guy is right, and when you are right, talk as loud as you want!

    peter schiff should be there instead. Even though peter has good material and has great debates, he always interrupts the other guy, always! Pretty douchey!

    Glenn beck should be placed higher than hannity because at least sean is smarter, more believable, and less full of crap than Glenn.

    Now ima youtube me some Nancy Grace.

    Overall good list :)
  3. This guy (Dennis Kneale):


    He's the kid in high school that you really wanted to beat his ass; a know-it-all, pampered, cake eating pussy, whose parents tucked him into bed each night and told him he was the best and the brightest.

    This explains why he's constantly opening his mouth and spewing shit forth, unabashedly.
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    Rick Santelli is way better than most people in CNBC.
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    Rick Santelli is the only reason I watch CNBC.
  6. Rick is awesome; it appears that blog is the top 10 public faces against Obama's economic policies from first look. I will concede that Nancy Grace is the most annoy talking head on TV though.
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    O'Reilly is an ASSHOLE.

    "I could dedicate a new New Testament-length list of reasons for why Bill O'Reilly has one of the douchiest shows in the history of television. He yells and bullies guests who dare to express an opinion that he doesn't hold to at least within 1/100ths of a percent. He calls people he disagrees with pinheads and tells them to "shut up" while he is interviewing them and if they don't, he shuts their mic off. He stalks people who won't go on his show. Actually, he doesn't even stalk these people himself...he gets one of his staff members to do it for him."
  8. Rick Santelli rocks!!

    Steve Leisman is a fat prick, I love it when Santelli lays the smack down on him.
  9. how in the world could anyone think Rick Santelli is anything but friggin awsome. The guy knows his shit backwards and forwards, and destroys LIEsman with the greatest of ease whenever that fat Tick opens his smarmy mouth. Santelli pwns.