10 Best Performing Industries - 1-week Top Performer

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  1. 10 Best Performing Industries last week according to www.marketwatch.com :

    Industry Name Percent Change (over time selected)

    DJ US Mortgage Finance Index 12.94%
    DJ US Coal Index 11.45%
    DJ US Home Construction Index 9.32%
    DJ US Recreational Services Index 8.66%
    DJ US Distillers & Vintners Index 8.27%
    DJ US Mining Index 7.48%
    DJ US Recreational Products Index 4.71%
    DJ US Water Index 4.41%
    DJ US Tires Index 4.33%
    DJ US General Financial Index 4.14%

    What an irony of history !!! HA, HA, HA...:D :D :D