'10 best countries to retire to' - from UK

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  1. USA is #5 on that list? And it says we have cheap housing? Yeah, maybe in detroit. And cheap gas? Well, I guess if you compare it to england, we have cheap gas, but then again pretty much every country in the world has cheap gas compared to Briton.
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    Gas is cheap in the US for all Europeans. Housing in places like Arizona, parts of Texas or as you mentioned, derelict Detroit, is very reasonable as well. There's plenty of negatives too, doubt the old folks care about those things much though.
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    USA is pretty pretty good..compare prices to Russia for example..forget about Moscow(it's even higher than any place in UK)..pick some random shit hole in the middle of it.. same prices..housing is higher,GAS is higher(yeah,that;s true) and food? at least 2 times higher than in US.(dunno about UK). wait...there is no sun in this country for like 90% of the time..imo USA looks pretty pretty good.
  5. US has the cheapest gas besides for some middle east and Venezuela

    Why would someone not want to live in the usa?
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    Because of the intrusive government, although Europe has become equally bad in this respect. US gun violence is another thing but again, Europe is catching up slowly.
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    US gun voilence is second only to Iraq now
  8. Compared to what? The US has one of the least intrusive gov'ts on the planet.
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    You asked ;-)...

    - Shallow people although they are friendly.
    - opponent mentallity to the extreme.
    - wich hunts that are even endorsed by government.
    - I will sue you, is the most common solution by an indifference between two people.
    - Schools are setting standards to let people pas a test, not to educate them.
    - In the US, it is the only place in the world with a western civilization that do not teach their childeren the meaning of free enterprise although their country is build on it.

    But, who cares? the gas is cheap, (fast)food is cheap, housing is cheap...
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