$10 an hour with 2 kids? IRS pounces

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    yeah its kinda like blaming obamas problems on bush for everything that happens a year in........notice the hypocracy?
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  2. +100
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  3. I read a report from RAND that indicates the Average IQ of Americans is slowly dropping as the older generation is replaced by newer generations with a more limited problem solving skill set and limited attention spans.
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    But be honest, did you really have to read a report to figure this out??? ([-_-])
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  5. I've been asking various educators if they thought students were getting dumber. The unanimous response -- NO. They have said kids are as bright as ever, it is just that there aren't as many of them as back n the day.
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    Like all things, IRS zealotry goes in cycles. We are currently in an uptrend. I remember back in the early to mid 90's the IRS was aggressive in their auditing policies. You saw horror stories like this in the news magazines on a regular basis. Eventually there was enough outrage and the IRS was forced to become less aggressive by Congress. Now, what have we been seeing in the news the past couple of years? ...complaints about how there is this large pool of uncollected tax revenue depriving our government of much needed revenues, and Congressmen have been calling for the IRS to conduct more audits. So of course we're seeing horror stories like this in the news again...very predictable...in maybe 5 years time we'll see calls for the IRS begin to back-off again.
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  7. You had it right until the part about leaving the churches. What country every started getting stronger because they left the church? None! In fact people HAVE been leaving the church for years. During the golden age of this country everyone went to church. As people slowly started leaving their churches, everything started declining. You can not deny these facts. Church attendence in this country is at its lowest levels in history and hey...what a coincidence...so is our economy.
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  8. Got a little problem with time and reading comprehension here don't we:

    the seattle times artical says:

    [qoute]It all started a year ago, when Porcaro, a 32-year-old mom with two boys, was summoned to the Seattle office of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). She had been flagged for an audit. [/quote]

    A year ago, Obama had won the Presidency, but did not take office until Jan 20.

    So OBAMA and OBAMA's policies have NOTHING TO DO WITH HER LOW INCOME AUDIT. It was started before he took office.

    The IRS under Obama has been directed to go after the big fish, not the small ones, so hers is a holdover case prosecuted by holdovers from the Bush administration.
    At this time, thousands of political appointees of the Bush administration retain their jobs, because their replacements still have not been selected. Government policy does turn on a dime . This is pretty common if smooth government transition is desired, instead of political patronage.
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    Why would they need problem solving skills? The govt will provide for all their needs. Isn't that the plan?
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    I'm so glad I decided to pursue an MS in Tax. I'll always have a job.

    Sorry guys. :D
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