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  1. GD2KNO


    I have noticed that price often reverses around 10:00 to 10:20 AM, but have never tracked the result.

    I was wondering if anyone of you have stats on it.

    Let's say trading against the prevailing trend at 10:01 with a 5 point stop (S&P) and a 5 point profit target, and filtering out the days with 10:00 A.M. announcements.

    One other factor, need to await one reverse 5 min. bar (close opposite to the prevailing trend) before entering the contary positon.

    This can probalbly be back tested but I am not knowledgable enough to run such a test.

  2. ElCubano


    Time periods ( usual reversals ) not written in stone
    9:50- 10:10
    10:25- 10:35
    1:30- 1:45
    3:00- 3:15
    3:30- 3:40
  3. GD2KNO

    You have gone over this issue several times before in the past.

    I'm a little shocked why your being lazy about doing the work yourself.

    It's impossible to backtest via some program to do what your suggesting above via having the software ignore trading days that have announcements (Key Economic Reports) at 10am est.

    You have to spend a few hours on the weekend...pencil and paper...reviewing your charts...taking data notes...per year of review.

    Simply, it can be done via manually reviewing your charts.

    Here are the previous threads on this issue...



    Once again...do the work yourself (manually) because youre going to be holding your breath till eternity for someone else to do it for you.

    That time zone you keep referring to is a very very very profitable area and I do understand why you have such a fascination with it.

    You can subscribe to someone like QCharts for less than $100 for one month of service...scroll back to the year you want (should take no more than 5 - 10mins)...just in case your charting program doesn't have the ability to scroll back beyond a few months.

    The less than $100 you pay to use QCharts will be well worth it via you obtaining some very profitable info and stats by printing out those trading days....

    start printing out each trading day via scrolling all the way back to your desired start date then going forward to present day.

    Make sure you have a good supply of ink cartridge and paper supply (at least 500 sheets) so you can make a permanent record of each trading on paper.

    This will help enormously with futures trading thoughts on things that can't be backtested...things that have to be manually reviewed.

    I know this is not the help you want...but geessh...

    do the work and profit from your work.

    Trust me...your on the right track about key reversals that produce a lot of points in this particular time zone.

    Like I said before...get a bowl of popcorn and enjoy the show that's revealed to you.

    A lot better than doing research papers back in college :cool:

  4. cheeks


    How many years back does qcharts have intraday data(5min or smaller)?


  5. NAshiAbuta, maybe you haven't heard ...we now have computers with hard disks to store this kinda stuff. no need to kill a small forest:D
  6. cheeks

    When I first started printing out daily intraday charts (1min, 3min, 15min, daily) many many years ago (I currently have every trading day for the Eminis since then)...

    I was able to scroll back 3 years when I first started doing such printing.

    Note: QCharts has any time interval.

    A few weeks ago a buddy and I was doing some research on a weird pattern that he couldn't backtest (it had to be manually done) in wealth-lab nor TradeStation because news event days had to be ommitted...

    we had to scroll back 3 years on IBM and MSFT...his favorite stocks that he trades frequently...it took us about 3mins of holding down the key as it scrolled all the way back to year 2000 for 5min interval charts...

    then printing out each entire trading day on one piece of paper (front and back for each stock)...

    took about 45mins to print out all the 5min interval trading dates for both IBM and MSFT from year 2000 to a few weeks ago.

    (He now does regular printing of each trading day after the market closes...takes a few minutes)

    He's was researching certain Japanese Candlestick patterns on 5min intraday charts (their probabilities and stuff) and a whole lot of other weird trading thoughts that can't be backtested.

    I left his home and 4 hours later he called me and told me he had all the stats and results he needed to start trading his new plan.

    Note: He's a discretionary trader as I am.

    Besides...the prints makes excellent reveiw material when in the car on those long boring trips or flights.

    Also, a nice way to get away from the computer.

    Currently...since May of last year...I have recorded live-screen video of the Eminis price action via using Camtasia Recorder (some were originally done via Lotus ScreenCam).

    Your going to need some large hard-drives and storage space for the latter above.

  7. Hey PussyCat...

    Your talking about something I am not suggesting.

    Please re-read.

    If not...I do have everything stored on computer...however...the prints serves an entire different purpose that allows me to to get things done while not at the computer and other obvious things

    (for example...when I'm traveling or lying in bed next to the spouse that's also reading in bed) :eek:

    When was the last time you stared at your monitor for 2-4 hours while reviewing past charts of years back of something that can't be backtested via the computer? :D

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    Rather than cart around a ream of charts, why not just use a laptop?

  9. cheeks



    Thanks for all the info. I've been looking for a cheapsource for intraday.
  10. you should have introduced us to your mother there.
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