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  1. 5-4-3-2-1....BLAST OFF !!!!!!!!

    That is what the market is going to do next week..

    Blast Off....

    Blast Off so much that it is going to shock & awe many!

    Get on Board...


    Get left Behind!!
  2. .... care to explain why?

    Or is this just a coinflip.

    Have you ever thought about working at CNBC? With market analysis like that, you'd be perfect.
  3. You could go on after Cramer...Call it "Going to the Beach"...
  4. Cramer is still on... lol

    Was his special, what was it, back in school? Was that any good.

    I'm wondering when there will be wrestling on his show.... Or maybe competitions via phone or all that.

    I always did like it when he threw his chairs. I wish I could do that to a new chair if/when I have a bad day.
  5. cnms2


    Nah ... :)
  6. Why are you shouting so loudly? If you want to convince someone speak softly.
    Or are you only trying to convince yourself?

  7. Cheese


    'This is Assembly Control calling all Zero X units. Assembly Phase One - go!'

    You can take the man from his childhood.
    But you can't take the childhood out of man.
  8. I remember watching that on TechTV.

    Too bad the guy that owned it and turned it into G4TV.

    WTF were they thinking?

    TechTV was a great channel, Leo Laporte was amazing, i still listen to him online with Patrick Norton and all them. I miss The Screensavers.

    Now they have video game crap on all the time. Kids don't watch tv, they play video games. There are some truely idiotic people in this world.

    Well, I get to blame Comcast for screwing up TechTV.

    Thunderbirds was interesting to watch though.

    Just reminded me of when it was on TechTV
  9. I miss it too. I used to do the Linux specials with Patrick back in 2001...

    Man it's been awhile since I talked to those guys...

  10. Paul Allen [Vulcan Ventures] sold TechTV a few years ago. He had nothing to do with G4; that was a Comcast brain-fart.
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