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    there is no other adjective for todays market except for BULLSH!T...
  2. Very slow ...
  3. dgmodel

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    and choppy!!!
  4. maybe you're just not looking at the right stocks

    but I agree..it's choppy.
    wait for your pitch.
    I'm working on my double-in 301 game.:D
  5. mdmbud


    thank goodness for index futures! It makes days like today tradable for small consistent gains....
  6. dgmodel

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    AIG,UVN,TXN,some others.. but none of them anything to be proud of...
  7. Wish I could go back to yesterday and put all my money into LONG $55 puts on CIGNA.
  8. dgmodel

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    we have a lil W forming on the S&P futures and the DJIA
  9. Nice move between 9:45 and 10:05 in the S&P, nice morning moves these past couple of days. Not so easy to catch though.
  10. It must just eat away at you to know that money is being made by trading, and you don't have the emotional tools to handle being a trader.
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