10/22/10 who turned off the trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by wilburbear, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Things slowed down an hour after the opening bell, and now it's almost a complete standstill.

    Heard an options trader say things are not picking up this year after the normal summer doldrums.

    This is October! What does this mean?
  2. Market is in balance (in SPY terms, between approx $118.15 - $118.35).

    Tried to go lower (on 19/10/2010). Couldn't.

    Tried to go higher (on 21/10/2010). Couldn't.

    It's waiting for a reason to go either way.

    Don't know which way it is eventually going to break, though...

    We might get a clue at 15h00, or 15h30, or 15h45 (all EST) today, if the longer-timeframers (compared with us scalpers/daytraders!) decide it is too expensive/cheap before the weekend?
  3. Wait until the election. If the Republicans don't do as well as expected the market sells off. If the Republicans do better then expected then profit taking, market sells off.
  4. PaulRon


    calm before the storm... that's some slow trading
  5. the market is slowly dying.....

    This market is not "coiling", its dying.
  6. Big meeting this weekend on the currency wars. No one wants to take a position before that.
  7. S2007S


    G20 meeting in my opinion will be a non event. They are going to try and solve economic imbalances but most likely talk without taking any action. I just dont see anything big coming out of this meeting.
  8. This is the inverse of hft.


    lsmft for you nicotine addicts

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    market was dead, I stopped trading and took an early weekend.