10/2 How I'm trading inverses on Trump's covid dx: UVXY SDOW SPXS SQQQ TZA

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by KCalhoun, Oct 2, 2020.

  1. KCalhoun

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    This may be the catalyst that finally crashes the market into next week.

    I'll be day and swing trading off today's big gaps up in UVXY SDOW SPXS SQQQ TZA


    a) buy gap continuations
    b) I'll be holding at least 10k worth of those into the weekend to add to my current positions
    c) goal is to be long minimum 30k worth by the time S&P loses 3000 (next week likely)

    using both hard & trailing stops for classic hit and run breakouts; details in my live room

    I'll focus on trading UVXY to trade VIX volatility

    Go Bears!

    uvxy2oct.jpg spy2oct.jpg
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  2. tommcginnis


    We're closing 0.5% up today.

    It's Friday.
    It's Trump.
    It's election time: rollover meets happy news = tumult + pop.

    Half-a-percent above yesterday's close.
    Today's close.
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  3. KCalhoun

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    Lol. We're closing down minimum 1% today. You could be right though, I've learned the hard way to not predict, just react to price action.

    My biggest challenge is taking profits too soon and overtrading. I'm often right big picture for swings but exit way early. I'm determined to get my inverse swings right, like I did in February March. Main picks SDOW SPXS.

    Although it's usually a bad idea to buy inverses premkt on gaps up, this is a special situation. I'll be buying a few k worth soon this morning if they trend up.
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  4. KCalhoun

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    just bought > $10,000 worth of inverses for swing into next week, wish me luck : p

    i will stop out 1/2 size if they drop eod
  5. themickey


    Good luck! :)
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  6. KCalhoun

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    Thanks -- let's make it rain! Reminds me of... I miss Vegas lol
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  7. SanMiguel


    Bad start. Not much of a catalyst. I think he'd actually have to be sick...
    We'll see what the day brings
  8. SanMiguel


    Struggling at 3350
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  9. %%
    Still is about that level;
    but SQQQ had some good moves up, many in SEPT. I have held stuff like that overnite this year; BUT I dont make a habit of that. WITH 40 minutes till close ;QQQ may close up for the week[Measured from close to close]
    OCT had a long term pattern of big down moves even in a good uptrend like 2009.
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  10. KCalhoun

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    Good points, SQQQ best, SOXS also strong. Down just a bit overall since I'd been in small positions overnight that gapped up. TZA weakest. Tech led market up, good lead indicator for upcoming likely drop which is why I'm heaviest long SQQQ.

    I held all positions and am holding into next week. Likely stim bill will pass and these will gap against me Monday, then a negative headline or two puts them in the money by next Friday... that's my thesis.

    Price action is all that matters, will scale out if they take out new weekly lows, or double down especially SQQQ if it clears 30.

    sqqq2octb.jpg spx2octb.jpg
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