10:15, still no new positions.....

Discussion in 'Options' started by Arnie Guitar, May 22, 2006.

  1. Monday after expiration, and no new positions.
    See, I'm being cautious.....................:D
  2. pattersb

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    so in other words, you do find yourself in a new position, not holding any position.

    had my sites set on KOMG puts ... resisted chasing early ...
  3. It's a sit-on-your-hands type of day. The coming weeks should be interesting. I am seeing several potential opportunities starting to set up.
  4. I said no new positions.
    I've only got one position right now,
    I'm short the June MO 60 puts,
    I wrote them on April 24th.
  5. Can you tell us your thinking? Or maybe you don't want all of us jumping in on your trades.
  6. I don't discuss specifics due to the nature of internet message boards. I don't come here looking for trades nor do I want to give any. I think ET and its users are better served when discussion is kept to more general ideas regarding trading and investing methods and philosophies. I see no productive comments from anyone on these boards once things get into specifics.

    In general, I just see value buying opportunities and trades based upon them. Not going fully long many things, but settled all my margin about three weeks ago and am looking to start setting up some trades and positions.

    I am using one key word as I am looking forward, DEFENSE.