10:10 Spike?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Prosperous, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. Anyone know why the S&P market shot up 12.50 in 5 minutes?
  2. osama's sons captured.

  3. I trade without any news as I found it often effects my discipline in adhering to my system - once in a great while that is good, but it usually cost me - so I just avoid the input.
  4. Start watching the news, man. Not surprised you're clueless, however. Aren't you the same guy that said Bush is doing all this to take the focus off the economy? HA HA HA

    FRuiTY P.

  5. this market is wilder than an old GF of mine.... and she was a wild thing (ever have a wild one ?) :D

    I had just closed some short SPX calls.... and bought some more May paper and had an order in... waaay above the market... to sell March OTM calls against. I go to get a cup of tea... and BAM, thought I was seeing things... ! Figured sadaam had eaten a bullet (wishful thinking). And I filled at HOD so far. It just goes to show how crazy this trading is... and how you'd rather be lucky than smart... this morning's exit in front of that spike was luck.

    G'luck bros... damn, we gotta be be careful here
  6. how was she wild ice???

    what happened to her?

  7. The news came out at approximately 9:11. Markets reacted
    right after.
  8. 9:11 central standard time U.S.
  9. You better be ready for a lot of spikes in the next few weeks.
  10. Eldredge


    You know, this indicates to me just how ridiculous the market can be. How much impact on a company's profitability could the arrest of a few thugs really have? Every time I think people might be getting a little more reasonable about the market, something like this happens.

    I would think that the past few years would teach people to be a little more realistic, but I guess maybe we will see worthless companies trading for hundreds of dollars a share again if people are excited about what is happening.
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