10,000 ROI possible?

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  1. nwose


    What is the maximum return on investment that you know of?

    Currently planning out my long term trading goals now that i finally have a system down, so making sure im keeping it on the realistic side.

    I dont plan on making 20 points a day or anything, but years down the line does 1600 points a year sound unreasonable?

    Goal is to max out day trading 400 contracts (ES) and never go higher. Always risk the same amount per trade no matter what. Let profits run. 350,000 is the max i would have in my account to trade 200,000 worth of contracts. Not including commision that would be 32 million in a year. commision would probably be around 500,000 then taxes etc...but still is alot of money.

    After 4 years i would have 50 million saved, and then use that to fund a seperate trading account to swing trade commoditys (1-4 months) for 500% roi a year. Ill never go above 50 mil, so 5,000 to 15,000 contracts depending on the commodity. At the same time ill still be trading the ES with the 400 contracts.

    All in total it is a 15 year plan that will make after commisions and taxes right around 2 billion. After that retire happy. Its not a joke and i really believe its possible. Right now im saving up so i can refund a 5k account, except this time i really do know what im doing.

    what do u guys think?
  2. LOL

    Why 50 million, why not 500 million ???

    I think if you be realistic 5 million in 4 years would be more than aceptable. Dont you think ?

    Its always nice to dream, but sooner or later the reality hits your face.

    Forget about billions.

    Make one million and from there go further step by step.

    Trading is risky, you also can lose. Dont forget this important part.

    Good luck
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    Hi folks,

    I`m new here...Can i make quadrillion per month by daytrading?

  4. nwose


    500 million would be too much, i dont want to take a whole week just to enter a position. Trying to keep it relative to a certain percent of what the average daily volume would be.
  5. I always forget you guys talking about Japanes Yen, when talking about making billions, with trading the 1min Chart on 50 Trades a day.

    Sure you can. Yes you can. Yes you can. Yes you can.

    Mr. Zillionaire.

    I mean i think i am sometimes totally unrealistic with my goals, but this crap here tops everything. unbelievable.

    For what do you need billions ???

    and need to refund the account with 5k $. LOL.

    Sure you can do it. LOL:p :p :p
  6. nwose


    lol funny
  7. What i know of is:

    maximum profit is 60% of the account with one trade.

    Thats the most i do.

    But such an miracle cant happen over night.

    The little things need time to grow bigger.

    For you wouldnt it be allright if you make 20% a week constantly, at least all 3 of 4 weeks. count that up and see how many billions you will make then in the 15 years.
  8. Another poster from the corner of delusional road and insanity lane.
  9. hkrahra


    "For what do you need billions ???"

    I want to build a stairs to the Moon.


  10. That would be a long way to go upstairs.........
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