$10,000 a year for nasdaq data

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  1. did any one notice nasdaq will start
    charging $10,000 a year for data that is now free...

    as of 08/01/05....

    NASDAQ-100 Index Updates

    Head Trader Alerts Financial Products Market Ops News MFQS News Technical Updates

    Vendor Alerts UTP Vendor Alerts Release Schedule

    Calendars General News NDX Updates Biotech Updates Composite Updates Notices to Mbrs. UPC Notices July 18, 2005
    NASDAQ-100 Index Updates - Discontinuation of Index Updates and Related Email Push Service

    Beginning Monday, August 1, 2005, NASDAQ will discontinue publishing Index Updates, which includes notices of upcoming changes to the NASDAQ indexes, at its current location on NASDAQtrader.com. In addition, the related email push service of the Index Updates will cease. Access to Index Updates and a related email push notice will be available only through a subscription to NASDAQ Index Watch. Please view the product description for more information on NASDAQ Index Watch.

  2. Ebo


    I will sell mine for $5k.
    This offer is only good until 8/29, first come first serve!
    I take PAYPAL and all major credit cards.