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  1. I had a stop hit this morning at 10:00:28 the price 1438 (NQ)
    but I see on my chart the price never traded at the 38 level at that time.
    Dose anybody else show a price at the 38 level at that time?

    Thanks, sulong
  2. Rossored


    Highest I've got is 1437.5

    Maybe you've got your stop set at bid/ask, rather than market? Ask price would probably have hit 1438.
  3. pspr


    I see a high on the 10:02 bar at 1438. Esignal was probably behind the market but I show it did trade there.
  4. Its a stop/limit, my understanding is that the price first has to trade at the stop level and then a limit execution?
  5. I have trades at 1438 going off at 10:00:25 on Esignal T&S.
  6. Rossored


    Yes, that is my understanding of a stop/limit.

    From the other posts, it looks like it probably traded to 1438 anyway.

  7. Thanks guys, looks like my bad for jumping the gun for tightening
    my stop too soon. :(
  8. m_c_a98


    it traded a few times there; see my attachment.
  9. dbphoenix


    If you're using a stop-limit for a protective stop, you're a very brave man.
  10. I think your saying this because of the possibility of a strong move against my position and price never coming back to the limit price?
    (Smart ass response to this) it ain't the dax for gawd sakes!

    Real response- I agree that a stop limit is not the best for a protective stop,but I trade with targets,which are dependent on a specific price for exit, and I use bracket trader for doing this and I don't think I can use 2 different types of stops at the same time.
    (stop for protection/ stop-limit for target).
    I do the best I can with what I have and what I know about, luckily I keep learning about things and coming to grips with what makes sense and what doesn't.

    thanks sulong
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