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    One year ago this month after having worked with other sites for several years Toni and I finally decided to strike it out on our own and we launched www.tradingfrommainstreet.com. What a year it has been. Terrorism, war and continued softness in the economy have been the major themes in 2003. While our industry continues to shrink and many sites have left the scene we have continued to do well by providing our clients with a unique product that I feel is the best in its class. In honor of our "birthday" we are going to extend our special free trial offer one more time to members of ET and the public at large.


    Spend every trading day free for one month with me in my virtual trading room as Toni, Myself and our assistants track and trade stocks and emini's!

    Each day in the TFMS Live Trading Rooms is like going to an expensive stock market seminar with two exceptions: Everything we teach works, and we prove it to you day after day in REAL TIME. After reach trade is completed a a chart of the entire trade is posted and a thorough explanation of the trade takes place to insure that you profit not only in the market, BUT IN YOUR MIND AS WELL. After the explanation you will be free to ask any remaining questions you have, nothing is off limits with us, all questions will be addressed.

    Be privy to our live market commentary explaining our thought processes as the day moves on and we develop and implement our strategy. We will you through market action during all the active periods to insure you are not getting hurt and are in a position to profit as soon as our opportunities appear. You will lean how a professional evaluates opportunities as they come along, and once the evaluation is done how it is put into action. We will post charts of the markets action and our trades which show the reason for the trade and its progress from start to finish. Nothing is left out and we don't hide behind best case numbers like most other rooms. You will be able to go back and review the charts yourself along with the lesson that is given for the trade. Additionally, unlike most other rooms Toni and I are available throughout the day via private message to help you one on one with trades. In addition to this we have a steady membership base of long term members, most of whom are willing to spend time sharing their experience and helping you.

    As a member of either or both of the TFMS Live Trading Rooms you will learn

    -How to find the high percentage setups that occur every day in the market. Most traders shoot from the hip and sadly their trading accounts show this fact very clearly. You will learn how we take advantage of the market when it is trending up, down or sideways.

    -When to trade and when to sit. One of the most important lessons, and one that unfortunately due to relationships with brokerage firms and other factors most trading services have a vested interested in NOT teaching you. The simple fact is that being a day trader does not mean trading every single day: Knowing which days to trade and which days to sit aside before the market is closed can literally save you hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

    -How to trade the gap. Simply stated a gap is the most powerful event on a chart, but most people haven't a clue as to how to take advantage of it. Being able to apply this one nugget of knowledge, which you are exposed to every day in the TFMS Rooms, can make you millions of dollars.

    -How to incorporate multiple timeframes into your trading. Most traders are so busy looking at their 1 minute and 5 minute charts that they neglect the big picture. Even those that do look at bigger timeframes tend to do it in the wrong way, costing them money and opportunities every day. We will show you how to have the larger potential gain of the bigger timeframes, but take the smaller risk which is found only in the smaller timeframes, on all of your trades. This too can make you hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars.

    -Money Management. Most traders use either too much, or not enough leverage in their trading. A mistake in money management can seriously reduce your chance of success even if every other part of your game is in perfect order.

    I look forward to meeting you and sharing my hard won knowledge with you each and every trading day. Regardless of your being a new trader just learning, or are currently trading professionally and would like to improve your skills the TMFS Live Trading Rooms are the one place you are sure to learn the proper skills that give you a chance this competitive market.

    To take advantage of this extended free trial offer please go to http://www.tradingfrommainstreet.com/register/main.asp?l=et and sign up.

    All my best,
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    I will continue to make this offer valid over the course of this month. After that it will be back to the "regular" 2 week trail period. I will also further stipulate for anyne signing up here from ET that if after the trial you decide to become a member and during your first month of membership if the alerts I give are not profitable I will refund you your subscription fees.

  3. the old "Crazy Eddie" commercials.

    "Crazy Eddie is INNNNN-SANE -- I'm so crazy I'm GIVING everything away!! Shop around, find the best website price you can find and we'll beat it!!! Prices so low we should be locked up!!!"

    I guess desperate "businesses" do desperate things!:)

    Just a guess, but if the "residents"(owners) of Main Street were really doing well, they wouldn't be schlepping their bs on ET.

    the dog
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    We have 115 members paying $200 a month, so I think I am doing ok. About 1/4 of my members have come from the posting I do on Elite Trader. I think that Baron provides a valuable service with Elite Trader and should be paid for it. Just because 90% of the other sites come on here and abuse the free forum doesnt mean I should too, especially given that I am doing well and can afford to pay for it.

  5. :D
  6. Ebo


    What a bag of wind.
    This guy is a Waxie Wanna-Be!

  7. let's see--waxie claims 400 paying members with extensive TV advertising, an agent, and promotional firm backing him up. will be doing some DUE dillegence to confirm statements. hey, if it is accurate, way to go brandon. BUT should they be exagerated-- that is a sad comment.

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    Lay off Brandon guys. He has contributed a lot to people here. If you can't tell the difference between guys like him and losers like Waxie, your BS detector needs a tune up.
  9. Momento


    yeah guys... regardsless .. just let people run their business. what good does it do to you by bashing them?

    They didn't scam your money...
  10. Homer


    What is the harm of a free trial?? If the guy really knows what he is doing then he is doing you a huge favor. If he is full of it, big deal, it didn't cost you a dime. If I can gain a little insight about what might be working for someone and be able to apply it to myself or to my style of trading then it could be worth it. That being said, I am also very skeptical of what he is plugging but hell, it's free. I'm not gunna bash the guy like the rest of you. All the bashing by all the idiots out there, keep a lot of smart people from wasting their time posting on here.
    just my 2 cents
    good luck,
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