1 Week FREE Pristine chatroom til 4/12

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mindgame, Apr 6, 2001.

  1. mindgame


    Okays i gots a free spamm from Pristine to checkout their PRISTINE'S ADVANCED TRADING ROOM... until 4/12


    Free Access Codes
    User Name: guest
    Password: guest
    (use lowercase letters only)

    ***** note: i'm not endorsing this group in anyway...

    posting this for those who are interested in listening to what other pay for lessons are offering instead of asking for opinions...
  2. trinfo


    In fact you can use any login/password at all, which people may wish to do if they don't want to be stuck with the incredibly stupid "GuestNNN" nicknames :)
  3. Commisso

    Commisso Guest

    that alexander grace is a joke................

  4. xll


    What a mess!! Hecklers, poor audio. Alexander Grace announced Trin numbers every few minutes-- and people pay for that! He seemed to use the heckling as an excuse to not make calls after his opening calls which were: to buy; buy on weakness; and hold over the weekend. Most of the time was spent "disciplining" the hecklers.
  5. mindgame


    hehehehe thank god i decided to sleep in and let everyone else screen it out first :)
  6. I stopped in, it was chaos. They cancelled the free one week by the end of the day using "guest" as the user name and password.
  7. I think a lot of traders went there for revenge for the daily onslaught of spam mail that Pristine sends out.

  8. Commisso

    Commisso Guest

    That room is realy a joke, alexander claimed he bought seven stocks on wednesday, all within a 1/2 pt of the bottom and was still holding full positions in all going into friday.....so i ask him if he thinks it was wise to haold jnpr overnight with a 8 1/2 pt. 1 day gain knowing that the employment #'s were coming out......he says give a break look at my entries! as if those 8 1/2 pts were not real or something, and did not need to be protected.....what a scam that room was....hahahaha 450$ give me break..
  9. mjt


    How come Oliver Velez isn't in that chatroom? Does he run a separate siwng trading room or something?