1 Video Card, 2 Monitors

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    Hi, was looking at a new computer that has one ATI Radeon HD4870 video card in the desktop. The video card has 2 dvi slots in the back of the card and the sales rep said it can handle 2 monitors. I have 2 - 24" monitors. Will that one card handle both monitors without any stalls or excess stress on the video card? I have a hunch I may be safer with two. Anyone with experience in this would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Isn't that 4870 a high performance gaming card... and relatively expensive?

    Overkill, completely unnecessary for trading.

    Any decent dualhead video card will suffice.... Lots of us use Nvidia Quadro NVS 290s...

    No video card will even be CHALLENGED in a trading environment...
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    Also, the video card is dedicated 1Gb.
  4. Waaayyyy overkill. Waaayyyy expensive. That's a potent GAMER card.

    4 MB VRAM is plenty for trading... that's right, not a typo... FOUR... and you can hardly find anything with less than 16MB per port any more.

    Save the money on the card and put it into something else...
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    I just read a thread on recommended hardware and lots advised on i7 core processor with at least 8gb ram. I assume with 2-24"'s and cnbc video, charting, etc, it could be pretty stressful on video card.
  7. Good thing you're the CashKing... you'll be buying a Corvette to drive you to the neighborhood Starbucks.
  8. "Stress on video card"? Not at all. Your perceptions (or what you've been told) are WAAAYYY exaggerated.
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    Ha, I like the corvette line. I just assumed with the excess graphics on 2-24's it would be overwhelming but when they are designed for wild gaming graphics I probably don't need to worry. The graphics/video I would be displaying will be small potatoes. Thanks gnome for your advice.
  10. That computer is TWICE as much as you need to spend for a trading computer....

    If you care about that sort of thing.
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