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  1. I am looking for an external Hard Drive. It seems that the sweet spot right now is the 1T size. Since this device will hold about 100 DVDs I am in the process of converting from as far back as VHS days, I would like it to be of high quality and from a reputable company. My questions are:

    1. What are the good brands that are known for being reliable?

    2. What are the places that offer good deals?

    So far I use newegg, tigerdirect, and buy.com for my computer needs. Are there any other worthy stores?

    Thanx for your input guys! :D
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    You are always looking for something LOL

    You have been looking for a notebook computer since ... g-d know how long... there has been 2 generations of new computers came out since you start asking that question... and you are still looking...

    now you want a 1T drive?

    WHAT FOR ???
  3. I am an eBay shopper along with the sites that you mentioned. I've had success with most of the major drive makers. There was a point when Western Digital was putting out some suspect stuff, but they seem to have it in line a bit better now. Just make sure your seller has a rating in excess of 98% and has a high volume of sales:


  4. You are right, I am always on a look out for new gear, and I like asking questions on forums were folks know their stuff. As for the notebook, I got it, (went with Acer).it is working great, no complaints so far. Sorry I did not update the thread. I prefer the 20" configuration. The weight does not bother me and when I travel, that extra 3 inches makes the difference (story of my life LOL).

    I want a 1T drive because I found out that it is time to put my home movies in order. I have regular VHS tapes, VHS-c, S-VHS, S-VHS-c, 8 mm, Hi8, MiniDV and AVCHD Flash Memory cards and they need to be put on DVDs. I have already bought Enzo dvds which will be used as a primary storage. For secondaty back up I want to get two 1T external HDs. One will contain all the home made films and the other will be a mirror image of #1.

    Also, I am contemplating getting the following:

    1. new PC that will allow burning of BR discs - need to convert those AVCHD films into HD Blue R. format

    2. Blu Ray Player

    3. 46 - 50" Plasma TV - to be able to enjoy those HD home films.

    Hope this quenches your thirst for what is next TUMS? :D

  5. I am afraid of e bay when it comes to fragile stuff like HD and such. Plus, the prices there are often in line with what I can get on other sites. Plus the whole thing about bidding and fighting for the best deal. I prefer a straight price and no tricks. After my vacations in Egypt, I developed a deep distaste for any transaction were one needs to "argue" in order to get a normal price.
  6. 1. To expensive for now, wait

    2. Playstation 3

    3. Any HD will do

    Your future problems are solved.
  7. 1. I was able to configure a rig for around $1000 that included a Blue R. burner so it is within limits. However, first I need to convert the other stuff before I tackle this one.

    2. Cannot have Playstation 3. My wife is so against consoles that she would kill me if I even mention this solution. I have two boys who are attracted to games and my wife is like the Holy Inquisition whn it comes to that type of entertainment. So no go.

    3. I want something that has a good reputation. Seagate offers 5 year warranty on their units. Perhaps WD? Samsung? i still do not know.
  8. I think you must be married to my sister in law. LOL She barely lets her kids do any games on the computer let alone allow a game system in the house. I have to admit I envy her resolve at times, like when my kids are at war over playing on the X-Box 360, or attempting to blow off getting homework done. My kids get the shakes and start sweating when we go to visit and they can't play on their system. LOL
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    At least we know who wears the pants in your household!
    Does she hold your prick when you take a leak?

    A hard drive is a hard drive, was it even worth opening a thread?
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    HD's are pretty much all good, but you need a quiet one i guess. read some reviews on newegg. maybe hitachi(they are quiet). you can build your own, you know.. buy some external disclosure and put whatever you like in it.

    i;m still using philips 5960 with 500gb external hard drive and pretty happy with it. lots of movies can be stored and played in avi format,with this setup

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