#1 Rated Fox News - Viewers Are Across All Party Lines, And Obama Is Fuming About It

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  1. ..."These data, seen against the backdrop of the recent storm of White House criticism, casts the Administration attacks on FOX News in a different perspective. Could it be that the Obama Administration is concerned about FOX News not because it is “an arm of the Republican Party” but because it is so widely seen among Democrats and Independents?

    That the two top spokespeople for the Administration this Sunday (Emanuel and Axelrod) both chose to attack FOX News shows how obsessed this thin-skinned president is with his coverage. It is truly amateur hour at the White House from the top down."...
  2. I am not into US politics, so this is just a neutral observation... I am just curious.

    What conclusions do you draw regarding the validity of this national survey, given that it was funded by an organization that has a clear political bias? Moreover, it seems to have a direct mission to promote the blog author's agenda...
  3. Of course Obama is thin-skinned. He's trying to push his own personal, Socialist agenda and has to hoodwink most of the population to get away with it.

    Fox is calling BULLSHIT on him, and he don't like it.
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    According to this guy we should be attacking the message not the source, or something like that.

  5. I've always called Obama, "Mr. Empty Suit".

    Now we've got a thin-skinned, wimp in the free world's highest office! Ouch!
  6. I am not attacking anything... I am just curious how people who argue their political views deal with the inherent issue of potentially tainted (but plausible looking) statistical information.
  7. Ya'll just now figuring this out?
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    Agreed. In that case there is nothing in the OP to support the "Obama is fuming" claim.

  9. Anything coming out of the ballet dancer's (Emanuel) mouth is propaganda. They don't call him Goebbels for nothing.
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