1% Range for a month

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Rickshaw Man, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. For Dow mini don't get much tougher than that folks. Markets like this always lead to something big. I suspect a strong move soon.
  2. I hate range markets b/c I don't know how to trade them, and I am sure most others don't either.
  3. Today was pretty bad but there have been some nice daily swings lately. Maybe you need to lower your timeframes and go for fewer points. Looking over the past 5 trading days they were all 80 point ranges or more on YM.

  4. True, but the are so quick and they turn just as fast. I like a slow steady rise. 1-3 days. These 20 minute 70-100 point spikes are hard as heck to trade. I guess you just need to adapt and start scalping quick profits intra-day, flexibility is a must in these markets if you want to do it for a living.
  5. I agree. Times like these force the bigger sharks to try to swim in the same small pond of water and it gets tougher for the small guy. I'm sure you have noticed more faking in the YM now.
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    1. Its summer time, low volumes, low everything. Be calm.
    2. Dont overtrade - repeat - dont try to force the market to be something its not. I have lost real dough thinking summertimes had the same trading punch as fall/spring. Sometimes you just cant take money out of the market.
  7. Probably will get worse when you add in that volatility is nearing non existance.

    Should be interesting to see what the VIX does today, maybe hit an all time low.

    Probably a good summer to take a long vacation.
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    NOW you tell me! I just got killed by forcing trades on low volume stocks. I've been encouraged lately by my trading and I was just so eager to take it to the market. Like a greedy impatient hand at the stove, I got burnt. I should know better. This market this month is so dull it's amazing I've made any money at all.

    It's gotta get better.......right?