1 quick question on yesterday's job report

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Happy Hopping, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. From the BLS itself:

    It's probably true, though, that the estimates took this into account. Not certain about that, but usually they do try to take one-offs into account when making their estimates. Note that gov't employment keeps going down, so overall private payrolls have been better than the numbers reported for quite a while by now.
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    Yes the 45,000 striking Verizon workers were added to the Sept payrolls but they were subtracted from the Aug payrolls when they went on strike. Since August payrolls were revised up and if you were to discount the Verizon jobs, it would show that more jobs were created in Aug. than in Sept. - i.e. job growth is slowing.
  3. Reuter reported 92 economists gives an estimate of 55K job gain for Sept. Surely some of these 92 guys know about the verizon deal. So, shouldn't the consensus be a lot higher?
  4. but if you look at May, Jun., which has very anemic job growth, then you can say the reverse, that July, Aug. Sept. is a major gain from May & Jun.