1% profit per day

Discussion in 'Trading' started by lojze, Aug 5, 2002.

  1. lojze


    Somewhere I have read, that 1% profit per day is TOO optimistic and in reality NOT POSSIBLE.

    Do you, real pro's, agree with this?

  2. JS11374


    1% a day not compounding is 365% a year, and 3,778% compounding. Think about it.
  3. marketsurfer

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    it depends on your account size.


  4. its theoretically possible, just like its theoretically possible to win the lottery.
  5. William


    Unless you trade a market that is only open m-f. Like stocks
  6. bora


    i don't think there are 365 trading days in a year. Maybe 250...but anyway 250% a year is a lot!
  7. Sure its possible, as long as your account size isnt TOO BIG (under a million sounds about right) and you are a great trader.

    Note I said great, not good.
  8. Atlantic


    you may trade 1 mini contract with $2,000 - or with $10,000 if you are conservative.

    how to calculate a %-return then? senseless.
  9. Get your calculator, plug in some numbers and then THINK!
  10. if there were 250 trading days, it would be more than 250% per year because of compounding.
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