1% profit daily with without risk. Company name?

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  1. Hi,

    I have surfed the net few months ago and found a managed account company that you deposit your money and they will give you 1% daily with no risk. They will take the whole risk and they will give you 1% guaranteed.

    I couldn't recall the name of this company and my laptop doesn't contain any history page for.

    I am wondering if any have heard of such company to send me its name.

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    madoff -- friends and family fund.
  3. I know :D but not correct

    I know 99% that this company are thieves but i still want to know its name
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    For how many days?

  5. sound like a gifting program. google it.
  6. I suggest neutering anyone participating in such schemes.

  7. yeah, let me know if you find it! Sounds great, I want in!:p
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    I think u were lucky enough that u forgot the name, so no chance to get caught now by these trappers.
  10. 1% to 2% per trading day is possible but not for long. I think some HYIP programs that pay 1% to 2% per day have real business but they suffer heavy losses and they shut down without any warning and run away with investor’s money. These programs can pay maximum for 1 or 2 years and they shut down. I have been involved in some HYIP but all of them shut down without any warning. Please do not invest in HYIP programs.There are no guaranteed profits.
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