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  1. What's with that? 60-seconds was annoying enough.
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    If you have that many personal friends on ET, why not get their regular e-mail and communicate with them that way? Kudos to Baron for implementing this policy. I say go to 30 minutes, but ten minutes is a good start.
  3. What sense does that make? Somebody asks you a question, you answer... he queries back... but nobody can reply within 30 minutes? Might as well eliminate PM entirely.

    And why do YOU personally care how long one must wait to send a PM? How does the frequency of others' PMs negatively affect you... such that you voice "it's a good thing to restrict PMs"?
  4. Because of the spam PM's that we've been getting the past couple of months.
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    Exactly. The spam has been out of control. I've suggested to Baron that perhaps senior ET members could bypass the waiting period since they are least likely to spam. But certainly new aliases should been under the strictest of controls.
  6. I agree, seems like a group of whiny bitches are trying to run the ship.

    It will be a major inconvience if you are having a PM back and forth with another member and are now locked into these restrictions because some people get all huffy puffy about being spammed.

    Maybe the idea of new aliases having the restriction is the best solution. Have say a filter of several hundred posts before the restriction is lifted.
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    10 minutes is definitely too long.
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    10 min is fine. Just give your e-mail to someone you want to communicate with.

    I have traded both e-mails and telephone numbers with real traders that I met here.

    PM is a means to control who you want to start to communicate with.
  9. OK, I see your point... could have said that up front. Personally, I haven't seen any spam problem in my PM box.
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    Just make it so if you are under 100 posts or so, you cant send PMs. Or the timer is in effect. Whatever.
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