1 more month and it's over!!!!

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by sputdr, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. My last month of trading the S&P and can't wait until new years.

    Man how shitty this mkt has become over the last couple of years with all these jackass prop shops and other cowboys.

    I speak in reference to the overnight trade not the day.

    Good luck everyone.
  2. jim c

    jim c

    did u used to be trdr 2000. ? u sound a little like him. jim
  3. no but there are many people who feel the same way.

    Most of the guys I know moved over to eurodollars but I never learned them.

    I am too burned out to want to learn somethign new.

    I am very happy though.
  4. What is considered the good product to trade? I know ER2 was big a few years back, but that has died down. Dax was big a while back.
  5. Surdo


    Bonds and crude my brothers.
  6. Best time to trade the S&P is from 2am to 6am Chicago time.

    At around 6 the guys who just force everything and buy and sell everything start coming in so it just jerks back and fourth and is stupid.

    I think too many prop shop guys read articles about the flipper.

    It used to be good but nothing lasts forever I guess.

    Looking forward to life after trading.
  7. Cheese


    Well, it is amazing to think Christmas and New Year are now so close.

    But index futures are there for everyone and their gyrations daily offer rich potential for the last few weeks of 2005 and for all of 2006.

    So bottom line, here is my message to players: optimism!
  8. Julius


    Congratulations! what are you going to do now if i may ask?
  9. Cheese


    Read the message again, pal .. its what you have to do for yourself.


    The best times to trade are.....10.15am to 14.22 on Thanksgiving. Most people have warned me against this and told me to buy and sell S/R.
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