1 minute intraday data for ES and CL futures

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  1. I am planning to buy the historical intraday data from this vendor given at this link below.

    Has anybody used intraday data from this vendor , any input /experiences are appreciated .

  2. gmst


    I was looking through cheap historical data sources and saw this. Looks really cheap compared to other databanks like tickdata.com.

    Can anyone please share their experience about the reliability/correctness of this data. Thanks a lot.
  3. No, but another option is to subscribe to IQ Feed and rip historical 1-minute data from their stream using QCollector. They also have tick data for the last 30 days.
  4. gmst


    How much backhistory is present in IQ Feed ? I am specifically looking for 1 min or even 5 min will do. I don't need tickdata as of now.
  5. gmst


    disktrading has intra-day data from 1997 for ES for example, whereas IQ Feed has from 2005 only and esignal only from 2007.

    Still, disktrading.com is extremely cheap compared to others. Why ? Is the data quality not reliable ?