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  1. esu2


    I would like to start a discussion
    about useful indicators/patterns for trading
    the 1 min emini charts risking 1pt to profit 2pts.

    Some ones I have found include:
    20 ema, macd histogram, relative strength,
    stoachstics, and 30 min break outs.

  2. Are you saying that you are profitably trading the eminis using these indicators on a one minute chart risking one point to make two?
  3. Have you traded the es/nq successfully on a 1-minute timeframe?
  4. m_c_a98


    If you risk 1 point your entry must be perfect; and if your entry is perfect then you will get many more than 2 points profit.

    maybe try to fade exact support and resistance numbers. current open, key highs/lows, etc.. VERY HARD.
  5. I can just imagine how many trades a plan like that would require. You'd get stopped out practically as fast as you get filled.
  6. m_c_a98


    I'd say with a GREAT entry a 4 or 5 point trailing stop should make some money in the current environment.
  7. If we consider 1 to 2 pt (and more) on the mini Nas as noise, statistically speaking, this may work ! Cutting 1 pt loss, taking 2 pt profit, and slightly bend the probability to the winning side with some set indicators, also need some strategicallly placed hot keys.
    The problem is at the end of the week, you'll have sore fingers/wrist, worn or broken keyboard/mouse, and a fat commish bill. :)

  8. are you guys trading the same emini I am? An entrys an entrys an entry. 1 point or 2 ticks, it don't matter. Now and then a 3 pt stop will get you more than a 2 pt stop.

    It's the 2 pt profit that's hard. You're doing well to get 1. If you can get 2, you might as well hang on for all it's worth.

    You wanna get something with a 1 pt stop? I'll give it to ya, Never, under any circumstances, no matter how much it looks like it will work, even if it always has worked, never, I mean never fade anything.

    (If you're using 1 pt, it ought to be 1 pt from the bid/ ask, so if you go in at the mkt that's 1.25. That's what I use.)

    The question is to trail or not to trail. That's what I would like to see some info on.

    This is all I think about. I think about it too much. I gotta quit thinking about it.

    Then you gotta get into hit rate, and do you want to try to buy the bid, and oh my, no wonder it's all I think about, you better think about it, cause there's no time for thinking when the markets open.

    If you like to think when you trade, use wider stops.
  9. m_c_a98


    1 point is just noise, its ridiculous. I stand by previous post.
  10. Get yourself one of the free(used) computers that were being offered on another thread of Eliterader. Then buy a thermal sensor for the CPU and the appropriate software that will displaythe temp. Then subscribe to a SqauwkBox service and some RT quote service like TS6. Load up your trading screen with lots of worthless high CPU processing indicators. When you hear the intense screaming coming from the pit along with abnornal CPU temp then you are ready for a setup. This will represent lots 'o ticks for those 1 mi. bars - CPU overheating, plus the panic public orders you get you in for fading the extremes. That's your entry point(s). Exits will be another lesson in the future.

    Good Luck!
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